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A Tour of St. Regis Mumbai's Exquisite Hospitality

On May 14, Batch 14 students from SP Jain's Global’s MGLuxM program had the exclusive opportunity to explore St. Regis Mumbai and gain invaluable insights into the intricate craftsmanship and commitment that defines excellence in the hospitality industry.

Under the expert guidance of industry stalwarts, the tour was a masterclass in hospitality excellence. Hitesh Sangvan, Director of Food and Beverages, and Varun Chhibber, General Manager, demonstrated leadership and expertise to ensure that every aspect of the hotel's operations exceeds expectations.

Topics: Luxury Management, Mumbai Campus

Journey to Excellence: Insights from MScHBL’s Batch 2 Orientation

On April 13, SP Jain Global welcomed the Batch 2 students of it’s Master of Science in Hospitality Business Leadership (MScHBL) program. As eager minds prepared to explore the hospitality industry, experts and academic luminaries set the stage for a transformative educational experience.

The event was inaugurated by a lamp-lighting ceremony symbolising the illumination of knowledge and the beginning of a new journey.

Topics: Luxury Management

Exploring India's Yachting Industry

On April 10, Batch 14 students of the MGLuxM program had an opportunity to make an exclusive visit to Blue Bay Marine, an esteemed luxury yacht company and India’s first and largest professional company engaged in offering yacht charter experiences.

Upon their arrival, the students were greeted by the visionary founders of Blue Bay Marine, Meherzad and Gautam. They provided insights into the intricate nuances of the Indian yachting market. Through their expertise, the students gained a profound understanding of the clientele's discerning preferences and distinctive demands.

Topics: Luxury Management

Exploring Cultural Shifts in Luxury Consumption: Insights from MGLuxM Batch 14 Orientation

Luxury consumption is experiencing a paradigm shift, driven by the evolving preferences of Millennials and Gen Z. This progression was explored during the orientation of the MGLuxM Batch 14, where industry leaders came together for an insightful panel discussion on the changing face of luxury.

The event was inaugurated by a lamp lighting ceremony symbolising the illumination of knowledge and the beginning of a new journey.

Topics: Luxury Management


Nashik, a city in Maharashtra known as the ‘wine capital of India’, has a celebrated selection of vineyards and wineries. On March 5, students of MGLuxM Batch 14 explored the art of luxury winemaking at the Chandon Winery. Their visit to Chandon, nestled in the serene vineyards of Nashik, offered a unique perspective into the detailed process of creating premium wines for connoisseurs.

Topics: Luxury Management

Supply Chain and Procurement Operations Redefined through Digital Transformation

Students of the Graduate Certificate of Global Management  GCGM program at the SP Jain School of Global Management's Wadala campus had an opportunity to interact with  Mr Kartik Iyer, a distinguished senior leader known for his expertise in Supply Chain & Procurement.

Topics: Industry Visit, Mumbai Campus

Honouring the legacy of Alessandro Brun, co-director of the MGLuxM program

The SP Jain Global community is heartbroken to announce the loss of Alessandro Brun, co-director of the MGLuxM program. His untimely passing has left not only our institution but also the global academic community deeply bereaved.

Topics: Luxury Management

An Inside Look at Luxury Watchmaking

On February 15, students of MGLuxM Batch 13 explored the elegance and precision of luxury timepieces with Luxury Watch Works. They were invited to an exclusive session with Mr Sarosh Mody (founder) and Mr Jagdish, representing the company. This session offered them invaluable insights and firsthand experiences that would shape their understanding of the industry.

Topics: Luxury Management, Industry Visit

Swiss Watchmaking Exploration

Journeying through Switzerland's watchmaking heritage, MGLuxM students under the guidance of Mr Mark Schumacher, a luminary in luxury watches consulting, ventured into the heart of Le Locle and Sainte Crox, a center of Swiss watchmaking.

Topics: Luxury Management

Exploring the Grandeur of St Regis Mumbai - Batch 13

Nestled amidst the vibrant streets of Mumbai, the St. Regis Mumbai stands as a symbol of luxury and sophistication. On February 5, MGLuxM Batch 13 students explored the prestigious haven of hospitality.

Topics: Luxury Management, Mumbai Campus