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Enchantè Paris: MGLuxM Batch 11 Students Embrace Parisian Luxury

MGLuxM Batch 11 students, brimming with enthusiasm and curiosity, eagerly set their sights on Paris - the city adorned with the elegance of art, culture, and sophistication. Amidst the city's enchanting streets and landmarks, they were about to immerse themselves in the world of renowned brands, discovering the very essence of luxury during their unforgettable escapade.

Topics: Luxury Management

From Watches to Chocolate: The Swiss Odyssey of MGLuxM Batch 11

Switzerland, a land synonymous with precision, luxury, and mouthwatering delicacies, proved to be an unforgettable destination for the students of MGLuxM Batch 11. As they embarked on a journey to the heart of Swiss expertise, they were in for an educational and enriching experience like no other. With an opportunity to explore the realms of watchmaking and chocolate craftsmanship, these aspiring connoisseurs refined their knowledge, skills, and appreciation for the finest art forms.

Topics: Luxury Management