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Global Owner Manager Program




Over the course of 12 months, with classroom sessions of 1½ days each month, the program answers 10 questions of a business owner:

  1. What is my role as the business owner and how should I follow it?

  2. How should I come out of the routine and get into business development?

  3. How should I create and lead a team that performs?

  4. How do I create business operations to minimise my cost and maximise profit?

  5. How do I use finance in the best possible and economical way?

  6. How do I handle my customers and create a brand? 

  7. How should I ensure that I effectively lead my team and family?

  8. How do I understand the external environment to make it beneficial for business? 

  9. How do I create a business plan so that I can think about the future?  

  10. How do I handle family dynamics most amicably and effectively to ensure that family remains together?

By answering the question of “How”, we make the program practical and action-oriented. We believe in extending our full support to help a family business to create a valuable enterprise.