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SP Jain in the News

Smita Jain's Hospitality Industry Handbook on Exclusive Career Strategies


Smita Jain (Director - MIHB), in an interview with India Today, talks about the diverse career opportunities available to young graduates with a hospitality management degree. She provides insights into promising placement avenues within the industry.

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She adds, “As individuals increasingly prioritise self-care and seek rejuvenation, the demand for high-end resorts, hotels, and wellness centres continues to rise. As such, the opportunities for young graduates to excel in resort and spa management are abundant. The hospitality industry employs millions worldwide, generates significant revenue, and contributes to economic growth and tourism. By pursuing hospitality courses and leveraging their acquired knowledge and skills, young professionals have the opportunity to make a lasting impact in an industry renowned for its commitment to exceptional service and unforgettable experiences.”

In the article, she highlights on the below 5 potential career paths:

•   Hotel and resort management
•   Food and beverage management
•   Event management
•   Tourism and travel
•   Resort and spa management

To read the full article, please click here.



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