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You are what you are, thanks to your family. The efforts, exertions, struggles and sacrifice of your parents and grandparents have culminated in you. You are their dream and the best way to reciprocate is to multiply the inheritance you receive, manifold - not only in terms of wealth but also with family bonding, ideas and values.

Your parents and grandparents have planted the seeds of enterprise within your family. Riding ups and downs with sheer hard work, grit and determination, they have brought your family business to the level where it is today. Now, you are at the threshold of beginning your entrepreneurial journey. First, you will learn in the shadow of your parents and then, climbing on their shoulders, you will grow the business exponentially. It is most important that you learn from your seniors. Over the years, they have amassed rich experience and business acumen. Respect them, and with utmost humbleness, observe, discuss and learn from them.

They can teach you from their experience. You need to augment that by drawing on the rich experience of those around you. In the GFMB program, you will learn from world-class faculty who, with a collective experience of 250+ man-years in teaching students from family businesses, will expose you to the practical aspects of modern family business management, and how managerial principles are applied within concrete business situations, irrespective of the type and scale of the business.

You have a career of about three to four decades ahead of you. In coming times, no business can remain aloof from the winds of globalisation. At SP Jain, through sessions at our very own campus in Dubai, you will learn about business in the Middle East and through sessions at our state-of-the-art campus in Singapore, you will be exposed to business in the Far East. Similarly, technology will not spare any business and the program will help you grasp the essence of incorporating technology to transform your business. In short, you will graduate as a global, tech-savvy businessperson.

You are also a dreamer in your own right. Your family business is your starting point - a training ground of sorts. Well-equipped with the skills, tools and business exposure you gain from the Global FMB program, you will navigate the world of business and discover new opportunities, ideas and business models.

Do remember that your current family business is not your destiny. It is the springboard to launch your family legacy into orbit. In our experience of working with over 4,000 students from family businesses, we know how you learn. And, it is not through exams or by attending one-way lectures, but through engaging, relevant and hands-on learning experiences. That is what makes SP Jain’s GFMB program so unique, and most appropriate for new-age people like you.

Welcome! Your mission is to transform a ‘grocery store’ into a ‘Walmart’. Get ready for the jerks and the falls. You will learn to get up and sprint in your long journey of building great business enterprises on the foundation of your current family business.

It is a thrill all the way!



Director – Global Family Managed Business Program